Any business or individual can buy from us. You do
not need to be a government agency to take advantage
of our low prices on most of our products.




Burris makes professional optical tools that let you take in every detail. Precision rifle scopes so precise, long-range sniper shots become second nature. Superb spotting scopes that get you up close and personal with everything you need to see and observe. Binoculars engineered clear and powerful to penetrate the twilight. All at prices that won’t damage your financial environment.

Burris First Responder Personal Purchase Program

Burris enthusiastically supports individual law enforcement officers, active duty and retired military, fire fighters, paramedics, EMTs and other qualified first responders with this special discount program. Burris, through CMC Government Supply, offers special discount pricing to assist in accessorizing individual firearms. Products purchased through this program are not eligible for any other discounts or rebates.

Qualified purchasers for this program include:

  • Sworn Law Enforcement Officers, including City, Township, County, and State
  • Federal Law Enforcement Officers
  • Corrections Officers, including Parole and Probation Officers
  • Retired Law Enforcement Officers with retired credentials
  • State licensed Security Company Officers
  • State licensed Para-Medics and EMT’s
  • Fire Fighters, including volunteers
  • Court Judges
  • District Attorneys and Deputy District Attorneys
  • Active and Retired U.S. Military personnel - all branches

CLICK HERE to get a Burris First Responder program price list and completes ordering information. You must request the program details to receive the special discount pricing on select Burris models. Pricing on our website does not reflect the special First Responder Program discounts and orders under this program cannot be placed online.

Burris Forever Warranty

Every single Burris optic is covered by the Burris Forever Warranty. That's a long, long time. Burris will repair or replace your optic if it is damaged or defective. The warranty is automatically transferred to future owners.

  • Covers anything except loss, theft, or deliberate damage
  • No repair or replacement charge to you
  • No questions asked
  • No matter whose fault it is
  • No warranty card needed
  • No receipt needed